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The next Liquid List (London) will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017 when the guest speakers will be provided by BT and the RFEA...

This month we were treated to an outstanding talk on Project Management and In Business attendees included:

Capco (4); Consultant - Jobs in PRC; Reed International; European Office Products: Office Supplies; Executive Director & Owner The List; Forces Business Net; Impact Investing Associate; Independent Consultant; IT Systems Sales & Training & Pay Check; Avaya; Making Change Work; Owner and Director of British Battlefields; Salute My Job; Senior Project Manager - Home Office; and Goldman Sachs.

General Matters

For those who are curious about the workings of these meetings they may wish to listen in to the radio interviews that reflect the views of an Air Vice Marshal through to an RLC Corporal: http://tiny.cc/yfyf6x

Please note that general enquiries about these monthly nationwide meetings should be addressed to The List via, in the first instance, www.thelistuk.com  Any questions about Liquid List (London) should be referred to Mike Nicholson This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Potential newcomers to these events should be aware of three important points:

1. ALL RANKS are invited – they are not for the exclusive benefit of the Officer Corps

2. While the Guest Speakers may focus on a particular sector many other In Business attendees will be there to answer questions across the employment board

3. Be you a Job Seeker or employed with a wish to give something back to the ‘system’ your attendance at these meetings is requested


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